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Allow me to inform about Latin Date Converter

Allow me to inform about Latin Date Converter

Tool for composing a romantic date in Latin (plus in Roman numerals). The writing of a night out together in line with the Latin language is significantly diffent from compared to a romantic date in English.

Responses to concerns

Just how to compose a romantic date in latin?

The Latins had year (similar to ours) and 1 week in per week but had the particularity of experiencing 3 times into the thirty days which were fixed from where the dates had been described: kalends, nones and ides.

Example: the very first of February could be the time for the Calendes of February or Kalendis Februariis

Example: The 31st of March could be the time prior to the Calendes of April so Pridie Kalendas Apriles

For this is added a reference that is temporalfrom where the count begins) which will be either advertisement (Anno Domini) ie. the season 1 (birth of Jesus Christ) or Ab Urbe condita (year 753 BC, date associated with the first step toward Rome)

Exactly what are the names of times of the week in latin?

The names associated with days are etymologically very close to ours:

LunaeMonday (Day associated with the Moon)
MartisTuesday (day’s March)
MercurisWednesday (Mercury Day)
JovisThursday (day’s Jupiter)
VenerisFriday (Day of Venus)
SaturniSaturday (Saturnday)
SolisSunday (Day of this Sun)

Which are the names of months in latin?

Title of months will also be close to ours :


Do you know the times of Kalendes, Ides and Nones?

Calendes are always the day that is first of thirty days.

The Nones would be the day that is 5th in March, might, July and October where these are the 7th time.

The Ides would be the 13th time except in March, might, July and October where they are the day that is 15th.

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